How to Nip Writer’s Block in the Bud

March 18, 2015

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March 18, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Need an Editor

March 18, 2015
How to nip writers block in the bud
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Editors are the hidden literary ninjas that make this era of information overload clearer, concise, correct, and more valuable. Whether you are an aspiring writer, an established author, a publishing house, a small business, a government department, a non-profit organisation, a university, an advertising company, or a large corporation…an editor can help.

Editors are experts of organisation and are meticulous in detail. Many know how to manage your project from the concept phase through to the completed product. They can work with translators, designers, typesetters, project managers, and printers to get your project done on time and on budget. Below are five good reasons to hire an editor.

1. Editors are multi-skilled.

Editors work on all kinds of written projects, from curriculum vitae (resumes) to corporate material, from online newsletters to novels. Many editors are also researchers, writers, graphic designers, marketers, and website designers. An editor doesn’t just ‘edit’ written work; many are multi-skilled and can help you in more ways than one depending on what their skills sets are. For instance, I specialise in manuscript development such as appraisals, proofreading, digital marketing, and author branding.

2. An editor saves you time.

Creating a clear and compelling manuscript can be time consuming. Finding the right words suited to your manuscripts needs is not a simple task. An editor will cut to the centre of the matter, save you time and help you meet your deadlines and goals.

3. An editor saves you money.

Fixing and re-printing manuscripts with copious amount of errors wastes precious resources. So does using a non-expert. A professional editor is specifically trained to help you get it right the first time, and within your budget.

4. An editor makes sure your message is clear.

If your communications aren’t clear, you risk confusing your readers: your customers, your co-workers, even your boss. Make an editor your first reader – before you release your material. Editors know how to cut through the confusion and make your message clear.

5. An editor helps you look great.

Your professional image is imperative to your business. You want to put out the best communications possible and avoid embarrassing errors. An editor can help you find the right tone, choose the right words, and make you look as professional and credible as you are.


To sum it up: An editor makes you look great, your work look amazing, and saves you time and money.


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