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10 Books Every Francophile Should Read

Stacey Trick - January 5, 2017
Books based in Paris

My love of reading books based in Paris and its surrounds encompass what I like to call a nostalgic obsession that extends past just reading. Not only will I read the book, I’ll most probably research the topic and history of the subject and have often searched Google Earth for street views. Yep, being an avid researcher, writer and Francophile (a lover of all things …

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On Finding Time To Read

Stacey Trick - January 4, 2017
Archives Fine Books

Over the years, my relationship with reading has been somewhat tenuous, in that much of my time is usually spent either running around after my kids, freelance writing full-time, developing proposals for editors, doing house work, or simply contemplating the world’s problems over a cup of tea. As a writer, it’s incredibly important to read, not just for the sheer pleasure of it, but to …

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