My Year of Living Creatively – Blog Series

Stacey Trick

Welcome to my blog series called “My Year of Living Creatively” where I discuss my novel writing process‬, how it’s being planned out, issues I encounter, writing and editing‬ techniques, all while juggling motherhood and other creative projects such as editing books and writing for magazines and newspapers.

For literally a decade I’ve been wanting to write a fiction novel. I’ve jotted down ideas, plans, outlines, and characters in  heaps of note books, but I never really knew where to begin and never took the time to actually commit to sitting down and write the darn thing! Plus, I had a serious case of my-writing-will-be-crap-itis! If you’ve ever felt this way, then I know how you feel. It’s frustrating and disappointing. But not anymore. Even though I’m a book editor, have a degree in writing and publishing, have written short stories and other writing forms; it’s a completely different story when you’re writing your own novel from scratch. It’s scary!

Over time I built my creative confidence and I hope you can too through reading my blog series.

This is a personal journey I want to share with you and through it, I hope you too will come on the journey with me and start writing your own novel or creative project. I absolutely believe in you and I know you can do it.

Through this blog series my goal is to not only spend an entire year working on creative endeavors such as writing a novel and building my arts and culture writing career, but also to help you through your own process of ‪writing a novel and other creative writing ventures. I’d love to read your comments and hear all about your own writing projects.

My Year of Living Creatively – Blog Series

  1. Writing a synopsis
  2. Developing a crystal clear novel plot
  3. The fine line between fact and fiction
  4. (on its way!) stay tuned and watch this space.


If you have any questions at all, send me an email, or make a comment on the site – I’m an open book! (yes, pun intended!).