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Publishing a novel, feature story, short story, or other forms of text require professional editing before publication. Below are the editing services I currently offer.

Blog Series: My Year of Living Creatively

Follow my new blog series here at called ‘My Year of Living Creatively’ where I take you through my writing journey from idea to a professionally edited, completed novel…. and beyond with other writing projects.

30 Day Writing Challenge30 Day Writing Challenge

This is a really exciting writing challenge I’m working on just for you guys and it’s coming really soon! so stay tuned.

I can’t wait to get it to you, as it will help you start writing that book you’ve always dreamed about.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably really struggled to find the time to write a book in between working, raising kids, studying, and other life commitments.

For years I really wanted to write a novel. But, I could never follow through on my goal. I really struggled with how much time I needed to put into writing a novel. I was overwhelmed, busy, lacked creative confidence, and eventually life just took over throwing my dream of being a novelist to the wind.

So, I created a plan that actually works for busy people like you and I who want to write a book.

This 30 Day Writing Challenge is all about giving you all the building blocks you need to get started on the right track with writing your first book.

Here is what it will include;

  • 30 Day Writing Challenge Guide (PDF)
  • Templates, Checklists, and Tips Sheets to help you along the way
  • Week-by-week Writing Plan
  • Action plan for continuing your writing journey after the 30 days.

At the end of this 30 Day Writing Challenge you will have;

  • a workable Synopsis
  • a clear Plot
  • learnt how to develop memorable characters
  • refined your writing skills
  • and have written your First Scene, and First Chapter.
  • an action plan to help you continue on your journey of writing your book.


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