Novel Plotting

Week 1: Writing a Synopsis – ‘My Year of Living Creatively’ blog series

Stacey Trick - February 10, 2016
Writing a Synopsis | Stacey Trick

Ok, so let’s get really real for a moment. I have never been one to wake up at the crack of dawn to write a novel. I love my sleep and it’s hard to get motivated so early in the morning. However, I did this morning. Yes, I woke up at 5am, pushed the snooze twice, so basically got out of bed at ten past …

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VIDEO: 3 Quick Steps for Building a Fictional World

Stacey Trick - January 12, 2016

VIDEO: 3 Quick Steps for Building a Fictional World When thinking of great fictional worlds, I think about the amazing worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire as readers would know it), The Matrix, Twilight, and Sherlock Holmes. Writers can spend years developing a believable fictional world before it is able to be enjoyed by readers. Building …

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How to Create Extraordinary Characters

Stacey Trick - January 8, 2016

Think back to the most memorable characters you have ever read about? What was it about that extraordinary character that stayed with you? Whether you love Sherlock Holmes or find Hannibal Lecter incredibly creepy; they are extraordinary in their own right. I can think of so many extraordinary characters, but I’ll just share a few that really stuck with me and why. This will foreshadow …

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