Writing a Novel

Week 3: The fine line between fact and fiction

Stacey Trick - February 24, 2016
The Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction

Writing a novel can be a really fascinating, creative journey that has the ability to set you free from the constraints of reality. However, sometimes, writing a novel can lead you into the dark corners of researching horrid historical events and places that make you re-consider what to leave in and what to leave out of the story. As writers, we know it’s important to …

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Week 1: Writing a Synopsis – ‘My Year of Living Creatively’ blog series

Stacey Trick - February 10, 2016
Writing a Synopsis | Stacey Trick

Ok, so let’s get really real for a moment. I have never been one to wake up at the crack of dawn to write a novel. I love my sleep and it’s hard to get motivated so early in the morning. However, I did this morning. Yes, I woke up at 5am, pushed the snooze twice, so basically got out of bed at ten past …

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